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Living Softly

Jane Matthews
The Course Outline

What does it mean to live softly?

It’s the opposite of how most of us live: efforting, fighting, resisting.

At the heart of this workshop is the belief that when we learn how to let go of the idea that life is hard, we can end the struggle and create a life that works.

Based on a forthcoming book of the same name, our three sessions will help you:

  • discover what effect hard thinking has on your life and how to let it go
  • identify a new approach to transform your experience in the areas many of us find the hardest – relationships, work, purpose, abundance, well-being and self-esteem; we’ll do work in each of these
  • change your relationship with yourself as you understandthe effects ofbeing hard on yourself and learn to practice genuine self-care
  • practice techniques of non-resistance – learning to love what is in order toexperience more peace and happiness in daily life
  • see how by loosening your grip on the controls, asking for help and trusting the outcome, will enable you to flow with life in a way you never have before…

Over the three session there’ll be insight, inspiration – and the fun you’d expect from an approach that is all about lightening up! This workshop is for anyone who has ever found themselves wondering why life is so hard. Come and learn to let go and flow!

How much does it cost and how long is it?

The course costs £100 and is spread over 3 days with sessions of about 3 hours.

Feedback from Jane's course

  • The perfect mix of personal and spiritual development
  • The course was brilliant and professionally run
  • The course was very well constructed, prepared and Jane is the perfect teacher, allowing everyone a voice but gently challenging us all
  • Jane offered herself from the heart and from a place of relationship with self and others.   The presence of her compassion was tangible


Jane is an accredited teacher of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life programmes, a life coach and author of self-help books. As well as the popular You Can Heal Your Life courses she runs workshops in self esteem, meditation and prosperity.

She's also a truly lovely human being.  We love having her here at Serenity Retreat.  She's been a long time friend of ours and we really value her integrity and her innate kindness.  Being in her company is a salve for the soul all on its own.

Jane’s latest book Living Softly is in the pipeline.  Her other highly recommended book - Have the Best Year of Your Life -  was published in September 2010.  Her website is www.bestyear.co.uk

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