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Given half a chance we would talk about Serenity Retreat and how much we love it until the cows come home. But we're biased. So we thought you'd like to hear what our guests and the media have had to say:

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What the Media have said:

The Guardian had this to say on 10th January 2014

And The Times had this to say in their online version (as well as in the paper) on January 4th 2014:

Serenity Retreat (The Times - Top 50 Spa Holidays) UK & Greece:
"Serenity Retreat runs affordable retreat-style holidays on the island of Lefkada in Greece and at a country house in the UK. It’s great for solo travellers interested in spirituality and personal growth or just pure relaxation, and tends to attract people who have started to question their lives and who want to live more meaningfully".

The Daily Mail published an article in September 2013 here

AND we're recommended by www.queenofretreats.co.uk see our review here

And this is some of what YOU'VE said:
  • Not sure if you remember me, but I came on your retreat in Greece earlier this year. Well, to say things have changed is an understatement! I quit my job, have almost completed my training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I am looking forward to the future and all thanks to you and Serenity Retreat.
    The time I spent with you, made me realise that I needed to make change and do something that was meaningful to me. I am broke, brain-dead with all the studying, but happy and in a VERY good place. Just thought you might like to know that you do impact lives....you certainly impacted mine:)
  • Serenity Retreat provides a wonderful environment a for truly relaxing holiday.One of the most relaxing aspects is having a genuine choice about when you want to be in the company of others and when you want time for yourself. the little town of Nikiana feels very safe - with local people (as well as Kim) more than willing to help with anything you need.
  • I would love to tell people how much I enjoyed my time in Lefkas with Serenity Retreat. I did not want to come home - at all! This is pretty unusual for me and a good indication of just how much I was getting out of being there. The two weeks I spent in Nikiana were, more or less everything I had hoped for - SR does exactly what is says on the tin! It was well organised and a really good combination of time to reflect alone and stimulating company - but only when wanted. I found the course helpful and have continued to practise meditation daily, which I find makes a difference to my sense of wellbeing. The setting for the retreat is stunning and all the apartments (very clean and well serviced) are within easy reach - or actually on the beach; when I got home I missed the sound of the waves lulling me to sleep. I will definitely be back for more.
  • How good for the soul it was to spend a lovely week in Nikiana with Serenity Retreat. Real Greece. Company when I wanted it & peaceful serenity when I didn't. A joy to have like minded people to eat with in the evenings if I chose to (eating alone was the biggest fear). I will be back!!
  • The best holiday I have ever had! From the apartment, location, people, views....I could not have asked for more!
  • A lovely holiday and a good blend of social activity and peace and quiet.
  • A true gem , I am wary of promoting this as the tranquility makes it. The NHS should sign up for the blue print x
  • I loved my holiday with Serenity Retreat, especially the flexibility ... if I couldn't get up in time for the course (ahem) no one raised an eyebrow ... it is understood that it is entirely up to me how I spend my holiday. It is a great combination where socialising is on hand but is a respectful distance is kept in case you want time to potter on your own or of course just stay in bed ...
  • Was possibly the best holiday I have ever had. Had a new quote for flights to come again within 2 days of returning home :-) . Loved, loved, loved it! X
  • Be brave and Do It, it will change your life!!
  • Any single person, fed up with single supplements and over-blown 'singles' holidays should give this one a try - a real find.
  • What a fantastic week. I loved it. I met the most amazing inspiring people. We talked, listened and laughed a lot. Kim Jools and Jane are lovely and go out of there way to make the stay memorable. Everything is taken care of,so there is no need to worry as an independent traveller. The apartments are lovely, right on the beach the bluest of sea, just heaven. I learnt so much from The Zen Buddhism Course, i feel sure the meditation techniques will help develop an inner calm. Thank you to Ingen. If you are thinking of taking some time out for yourself and you come across The Serenity website. Go, and see what unfolds. I just had the best time. Thanks to everyone i met and shared the most amazing week with. Nicky Hatton - 2012
  • My first time of travelling alone, very scary but with the support of Kim, Jane and Jools it was a brilliant experience. I even amazed and surprised myself! Within a few days I started to feel well again. My only wish would be to stay much longer for my health. Thank you all for the most enjoyable experience and time I have ever had on a holiday. Julie - 2012
  • Good initiative! Lovely views. Professional and personal organisation - 2012
  • Lovely week.....just what I needed - 2012
  • I've been recommending Serenity Retreat to all of my indpendent and/ or spiritually minded friends all week. The best of a traditional retreat and singles holiday rolled into one; a combination I didn't believe could be possible! The meditation, Brigitte's walk, being so close to the elements, being able to read and write in peace were the cornerstones of an actually very profound experience for me. I'd come again, but, then again, I love living in the moment! Thanks guys, Liz K xx - 2012
  • Please pencil me in for Theo's next September 2013... Bev - 2012
  • An amazing place, everyone helpful and friendly, couldnt fault it. Booked for one week but tried to stay for two! Gorgeous accomodation....thank you Kim and Jane xxx tracey xx 2012
  • Take nothing! No email, no phone, no internet, no music and allow yourself the opportunity to slow down and think. It's an amazing feeling 2012
  • The perfect location, right on the beach, with stunning views across the sea to the mountains - yet everything you need is within reach in the village of Nikiana. I have made some wonderful new friends here in the last two years. Serenity Retreat is good for the soul - 2012
  • Kim provided a lot of help before the holiday when I was trying to decide if it was right for me - also very helpful during the week sorting out trips and providing info. The Thai massage was fantastic and a real discovery! Liked the opportunity for stretching & meditation in the morning and the lcoation of the accommodation is also great with such lovely views. The only slight downer was the prevalence of some very rabid mosquitos! Janet Ormerod - 2012
  • A great week with some amazing women. Even in a week, you will struggle to do everything there is to do on Lefkada, never mind if you are doing a course as well! Awesome cycling, swimming, boating, walking and trips out. Thanks for everything ! x
  • I came to get away from everything and be quiet and on my own following a deeply stressful time: after a few days of gazing at the beautiful view, it felt that my mind was like the game tetris, and all of the thoughts that had been floating around had settled into place. For the first time in ages I was calm and at peace. I didn't come to be sociable or make friends, but the people I met were fun, sociable, interesting and utterly lovely. Kim and Jane are excellent hosts, and it genuinely felt that I was a personal friend and guest. It was the perfect mix of rest, laughter, mind space and interest, I was alone when I wanted to be, but had the option of company should I want it. The retreat gave me lots to think about and the space to do it in. I cannot recommend Serenity Retreat highly enough, and from the bottom of my heart I thank Kim and Jane for saving my sanity! Next time I come, it will be for three weeks! Margaret, London
  • It was a fabulous holiday, exactly what I needed. There was enough personal space what I really loved and also opportunities to meet nice people. I had a great time and wished I had booked three weeks. Anon, left via online survey - 2012
  • I booked the Serenity Retreat break as I wanted (needed) space, the opportunity to clear my head and generally just recharge my very flat batteries! It absolutely delivered on all levels. It was heaven! Anon, left via online survey - 2012
  • What a fantastic way to spend a week - alone, but not alone. Room to breath and to just 'be'. Sessions with Kim eye and mind opening, and sessions with Jane just pure heaven. Saving up to head back out there as soon as I can. Nikki, York
  • Holiday concept is wonderful, one feels safe, place is gorgeous, Kim and Jane wonderful. I think the price of the course is very reasonable. 1 week after being home I have already looked into my next holiday with Serenity Retreat. I absolutely loved it because it gave me a lot of freedom and space and at the same time I met all those wonderful ladies and could have company when I wanted. Also, I could enjoy the things I really love: swimming, meditating, learning new things about Zen, have access to a wonderful Greek bar (Pepe le Pew) and the excursions (MS Christina and Herbal walk) were enough for 2 weeks and were wonderful. The organisation from Kim and Jane was perfect and I liked the way the schedule was outlined with welcome meal and farewell and Nikiana is just such a charming village. There are so many good things I cannot all list them here. Keep on doing the Serenity Retreat, it is great! Lilian, Germany - 2012
  • This is a perfect "niche" market holiday for the independent person who enjoys some company but loves their own space too. Never been so relaxed and very blessed with the people i shared it with. Anon, left via our online survey - 2012
  • One of the best holidays I have had in a long time. Kim and Jane are so generous and kind. I truly feel lucky to have had this experience! Anon, left via our online survey - 2012
  • The accommodation is peaceful and safe, spotlessly clean, with an amazing uninterrupted view of the turquoise sea. Lovely local tavernas, serving good homemade food. My high light of the whole week was the herbal walk in the mountain ! truly stunning. This was my third holiday with Serenity Retreat, so I'm obviously a great fan. If you're thinking about going, stop thinking and just go...... you'll simply love every minute. Gail, Cheadle Hulme 2012
  • It was everything that I wanted and more. The meditation and mindfulness course was fabulous, just what I wanted and Kim kept me captivated the whole time, which for me is quite something!. The mountain walk was amazing, Brigitte is so knowledgable and a fascinating character, topped off with a beautiful lunch. I would also highly recommend the boat trip on The Christina, what beautiful islands!. With the added addition of the lovely Jane for a couple of Thai Yoga massages that were wonderful, the only pity was that I wasn't there for a second week. This was my first holiday alone and it has opened up a whole new world for me. Thanks so much Kim, you have added so much to my spiritual growth and at some point I will be returning but hope to see you in Yorkshire x Anon, via our online survey - 2012
  • I absolutely loved my time at Serenity. There was a perfect balance between support and freedom, one reflected by the lovely atmosphere created by Kim and Jane. I was looking for somewhere peaceful and safe, with space for solitude and a sprinkling of kindred spirits. I found it...along with vibrantly beautiful nature and wonderful local people. I truly couldn't have dreamt up a more perfect holiday for myself. Thank you x Anon, left via our online survey - 2012
  • Excellent holiday, came back well rested and inspired to continue on my spiritual journey. Always meet such lovely people. Janet, Pinner - 2012
  • I have NO idea how Serenity Retreat works but work it does - and very beautifully. There's an alchemy of place and people that is just ...totally magical. I have not stopped enthusing about it since my return as I know SO many people who I just know would love and *get* it. Lefkada and Nikiana in particular were revelations. I'd been to Kefalonia and, to be honest, it hadn't really rocked my boat but this place is just SO warm and friendly...little encounters made every day special. The trips were superlative; Jane's massage was FANTASTIC (do try the Thai yoga massage) and my fellow guests were dear kindred spirits of the heart. I came back feeling truly blessed and simply cannot wait to return. Thank you. Anon, left via our online survey - 2012
  • Its so hard to sum up how amazing this place is in words! Coming to Serenity Retreat was the best expeience of my life. I was so nervous about travelling alone but Kim and Jane made me feel so comfortable and really looked after me. The place was beautiful, the people were beautiful, the massage was beautiful, and so reasonably priced! Also the supermarkets/bakery and takeaway nearby make it easy to eat on a budget and allow you to spend your money on whats really important to you...because as I said one morning to Kim.."I love food, but I love massage more" The boat trip on the M/S Christina was amazing and I loved the fact that I could do as much or as little as I wanted on this holiday. If I we're rich I would send all those special women in my life here for 2 weeks, just because I think all of them deserve this amazing experience. To anyone who is considering going I CANNOT stress enough that you simily MUST go! So incredibly happy that I had this opportunity and will definitely be returning in the future : ) : ) Kate Hill, Edinburgh - 2012
  • Thank you for a great holiday! It was exactly what I needed - time to relax, chill out and do as little as possible. Was made to feel really welcome and learnt something new about myself during my time here as well - bonus! Mandy Carter , Essex - 20
  • I have just had the most amazing week of my life, my only regret is, I wish I had stayed for two weeks ... Anon - left via our online survey 2012
From 2011
  • It has been more than three weeks since I arrived home from Greece and I'm still glowing from the experience. Beautiful island, a dream of an apartment, falling asleep to the sound of the sea and all the fab people I met. Lazy days in a perfect surrounding - starting the day in meditation and finishing together laughing and giggling around a table at one of the tavernas. Last but not least to meet Kim - the hostess with the mostess - who is the heart and soul of Serenity Retreat. Thank you Kim - I'll be back. Bev(erley), Delft, The Netherlands - 2011
  • Kim puts so much thought and effort into making sure that everyone is catered for by tailoring activities around each different group all variables get covered. I have recommended Serenity Retreat to anyone that crosses my path who is looking for a solo holiday that doesn't mean being lonely and for activities that either fill your time or allow for you to fill your own time. How does she do it? Anon - left via online survey - 2011
  • I'd highly recommend Serenity Retreat, although next time I'll definitely go for 2 weeks, as I didn't feel ready to come home. The area is lovely; beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and mountains to walk up just minutes away Kim's probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. She's caring and calm but also a great laugh. She seems to get on with everyone so when she came out with us, always added to the group with a great vibe.Sam Radford, Ascot UK - 2011
  • Ahh Serenity Retreat in Nikiana - pure food for the soul. Great company and a hostess with the mostest Kim who runs the show. The most beautiful surroundings with lovely accommodation, sea and views to fall in love with. Not to mention an abundance of great food, friendships and blissful meditation and visualisation and fine walks in the stunning countryside. Flowers, greek gardens, cats, cockerills crowing. Greek Heaven. Don't hesitate - just do it. It's beautiful. Shirley Filer, Dumfries & Galloway - 2011
  • I loved every minute ! Kim goes those extra miles to ensure every little thing is just right ( I work in customer service for a highly respected company, so I know ) All the accommodation researched to provide all you may need. I felt safe and just knew I'd made the right choice for a totally relaxed holiday, I intend to return many times, because I know Kim only does the best. Really inspiring and energising holiday. Anon - left via online survey
  • Ticks all the boxes. Meeting like-minded people. Lots of tears and laughter. Excellent. - Anon - left via online survey
  • I can only describe my week at Serenity Retreat as life changing. The whole experience has resulted in me feeling an oasis of peace and love that has helped me take back control of my life. I went there feeling lost and alone and have returned feeling energised, calm and radiating positivity. Clair, Worcetershire - 2011
  • The location was perfect, the company was perfect, the vision of loveliness outside my room was perfect. If you need some reflection time, some space and an opportunity for some personal growth away from all the distractions of life...this is it! Lisa Cherry, Witney, Oxon - 2011
  • THANK YOU for one of the most special times of my life. I too booked a week and ended up staying a fortnight. I went with a vague desire for more space in my life and came away with a whole new life plan, thanks to a wonderful facilitator in Ann Simpson, a bunch of amazing women and a big injection of connectedness and integrity. Not to mention the lovely Kim, who is just a force of nature. A huge bonus for me was having the sea right outside my window and swimming every morning at sunrise. Cosmic. Janet, Isle of Man - 2011
  • In a word, AMAZING. Booked a week and stayed for two! The location and local amenities were superb. The holiday is exactly as described, lots to do but no offence taken to declining. For my first holiday alone I could not have asked for a better experience. Kim is an incredible woman who goes above and beyond the duties required and strives to provide the best experience for all guests regardless of what that is! Well worth doing a course - real value for money! I have met some incredible people and have a whole host of memories..highly recommended!!!! Holly Schofield, Warwickshire - 2011
From 2010
  • Wonderful location and glorious weather. The local tavernas are good. My apartment was excellent, overlooking the sea with some fabulous views. I had a very relaxing and peaceful time which is what I was seeking, and the personal development course I did was very engaging. Serenity Retreat delivered "what it said on the tin", and at a very reasonable price. Kim is a tour de force in her own right. Paul Barker, Leeds 2010
  • Serenity Retreat is a very special place . . . . reviving, rejuvenating and, for me, transforming. Nikiana is a great little village with a local rustic charm. Kim is a warm, funny, brilliant woman who creates an relaxed and easy vibe. Dip into exactly what you want to do, no pressure - morning walks, meditation, massage, get-togethers with the other retreaters and plenty of beach time too. My apartment was right on the beach. The view of the sunrise each morning and being able to walk straight from my terrace across the pebbles to the crystal clear water was amazing. Jane, Surrey - 2010
  • I've been on a few spiritual/personal development retreats, but never one that's had the perfect mix of personal and spiritual development, beautiful scenery, like-minded people and plenty of giggles. The course was brilliant and profressionally run, and the structure of the week provided for just the right amount of teaching time, so we still had plenty of time to soak up the rays in the afternoon. The different choices of accommodation are all of a high standard and they're very close together, so no-one is ever isolated. I'll be back next year. Tara, London 2010
  • The island of Lefkada is really beautiful, not only the beaches but up in the mountains too. I had a massage in the dappled sunlight under the olive tree, with the sound of the sea lapping on the shore just beside me, that says it all really ... plus Kim is a warm and wonderful person who helps everyone to get the most out of their Serenity Retreat experience. Louise, Buckinghamshire UK 2010
  • I had a great time with Serenity Retreat. Just what I needed complete rest in comfortable accomadation. Surrounded by the natural beauty of a Greek island in early season. Kim is charming and both practical and supportive. Just what I needed for my serene retreatToptastic. Phiippa, London England - 2010

Our average review score is 5, it's not saying that we're average!

We featured in National Geographic Traveller in the Top 5 Meditation Retreats in Europe:

"Best for solo travellers with a focus on personal growth and self-development."

We featured in The Times as a 'Top 50 Spa Holiday':

"It’s great for solo travellers interested in spirituality and personal growth or just pure relaxation, and tends to attract people who have started to question their lives and who want to live more meaningfully".

As well as in the Guardian:

10 Wellbeing Retreats

Metro had this to say:

Set up by Zen meditation teacher Kim Bennett, Serenity Retreats are aimed at solo travellers looking for self development. The week long retreat has an easy-breezy approach and while there are mindfulness walks, guided meditations and excursions on offer, nothing is compulsory. "Our emphasis is on giving our guests space", Bennett says. "Our accommodation is on the beach and we encourage guests do nothing other than watch the sea and the mountain for a restorative effect".

And thanks to Jane Alexander and the Daily Mail Travel Section for this article. Not sure we would call ourselves chic, though!

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