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Deep Listening

This is an invitation to deeply listen to what it is that we need and want for ourselves. A time to take stock, re-calibrate and uncover what stillness has to show us. Learning to be guided by our own inner wisdom.

We'll create an environment of grounding to facilitate that, as well as making time for some self compassion and honing our skills of deep listening, both to ourselves and others through exercises and meditation. Let's discover what it means to truly listen to ourselves without demands, or threats, or the push me/pull me habitual ways of thinking that guide so many of our decisions.

Let's feel into the privilege of truly listening to another (whether or not they're speaking!) without needing to fix them or make them happy or give them solutions and in that way we also expand the ability to do the same for ourselves.

We'll also incorporate some self compassion into this week.

We can make contact with the part of ourselves that has answers, has wisdom and simply knows, as well as improving our ability to listen to others whether or not they're speaking.

How much does it cost and how long is it?

This course takes place over four mornings (normally Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) and for about an hour and a half per session.
The cost is £120 and there are ten spaces.


Kim founded Serenity Retreat back in 2010. She is a trained Zenways Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with over ten years experience and has also trained in Self Compassion with Kristen Neff and Chris Germer. Most recently, Kim has started the accreditation process to become a Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator.

Her passion is to discover what really lies beneath, both for herself and others, and to encourage open-heartedness and fearlessness to the adventure of life. She's straightforward, no nonsense and has an earthy sense of humour.

Courses In Greece in 2021

Mini Meditation Retreat - donations
Let's just sit! Three periods of meditation practice
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The Very Gentle Art of Self-Compassion - donations
Combining mindfulness and self-compassion to become our own best friend
Course Details

Who Am I? - Zen Practices for Insight - donations
Energetic and meditative practices to ground us when becoming still
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Courses In Greece in 2022

Finding Our Soul's Purpose, with Tara

A magical journey of self-discovery to the truth at the very heart of your being - your soul's purpose
Further details to follow.

Living Softly, with Jane

Does life always feel hard? Techniques to bring more softness and kindness to our experience
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Getting Down and Dirty with Our Inner Goddess! with Donna

Inner Goddess work that has its feet firmly on the ground
Further details to follow.

Deep Listening, with Kim

Learning to recognise our own wisdom through deep listening, and feeling into the wisdom of others
Further details to follow

The Kiloby Inquiries, with Kim

Meeting unmet sadness, anger, grief and trauma and liberating ourselves from painful patterns
Course Details

Pointing The Way, with Kim

Discussion of various modern spiritual texts and feeling into where they're taking us.
Course Details

Qigong - Shibashi Set One, with Kim

An 18 move Qigong sequence which can lower stress and anxiety, increase focus, and improve balance and flexibility.
Course Details

Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of group sitting over five days.
Further details to follow.

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