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The Kiloby Inquiries

I have worked with meditation for some years now and have had experiences of awakening/knowing which have shown me that things are not at all what we think and that there is a great peace that is absolutely available to every single one of us.
I was/am still getting caught up in old painful patterns, unmet sadnesses, grief and fear. Still being held in cycles of trauma. Always trying to see the other's point of view (in the name of 'spirituality') and in so doing abandoning my own experiences and abandoning myself. We don't need to give up on seeing the other's point of view, but we can bring that same level of compassion to ourselves.

And then there's the anger... So many of my guests have spoken about how they struggle to own or express their anger; this method gives us an opportunity to do just that in a safe and held way.

KI is not therapy. KI gives us very direct tools to help us to unhook from those thoughts/beliefs that still give us a jolt or a charge or that trigger us. We learn to allow our humanity to be JUST AS IT IS without trying to be 'good' and 'spiritual'. We no longer need to trapped by those two words. We don't need to try to gracefully accept things that our humanity wants to shout and scream about - KI gives us full permission to be COMPLETELY HONEST with our feelings. Can you imagine the joy of that?

Can you imagine letting hatred, sadness, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, embarrassment, bitterness, jealousy and fear IN? If you're having a strong reaction to those words - come and do the work! It's exactly that - feeling where the body is saying 'no, those emotions are not okay' and then prying free the unconscious beliefs we have around those so called 'negative' emotions, believing that they're bad. They're not, they're part of the myriad ways in which human beings simply are. Repressing them keeps us locked in patterns and stuck in repeated behaviours.

And in the same way, some people find it hard to let in joy, freedom, spontaneity, happiness, gratitude and peace. Maybe there are beliefs arising that feeling those sorts of emotions are in some way dangerous? Maybe we are being run by old patterns of programming from memories that aren't even conscious. All we know is that we don't, in some way, feel safe, approved of, good enough, loved, secure or in control, and these stories of our deficiency can keep us imprisoned.

How we try to work this stuff out with our minds! To analyse, understand, get to the bottom of... But they can be all be subtle forms of avoidance. Understanding and analysing something doesn't require feeling it. KI is all about acknowledging the thoughts and memories, but also bringing the body into play and acknowledging the feelings we may have associated with them. Equally it may be that there are thoughts and memories locked in physical sensations in the body that also need expressing. When we finally give space to the sensations, thoughts, memories they can be truly felt, relieved, stood down.

KI offers techniques to draw these beliefs out of the unconscious and into the conscious. Once we have awareness of what the belief may be that's holding us back (we call them deficiency stories - we all have them!) then change can happen. Bodily energy gets discharged and thoughts and beliefs are seen for what they are - wisps on the wind....

This method also shows us HOW to stop identifying with difficult thoughts and emotions with a heavy emotional charge. It gives us the permission and the opportunity to take ourselves into places that we know need to be met when we don't feel we have the tools to help ourselves through that process. And, most importantly, we embrace our humanity and enter even more deeply into it.

Nothing is turned away in KI. Everything is allowed. When we push difficult feelings down under the banner of them 'not being compassionate or spiritual' we end up suffering. Got to give this stuff room to breathe and to be :)

I love it! This course gives an overview of the techniques used in KI and gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the driving seat.

I also offer one to one sessions via Zoom that can be booked here (the first session is free).

You can read more about the method and get a feel for the process by visiting the site: Kiloby Inquiries

How much does it cost and how long is it?

The course is spread over four mornings for 1.5/2 hours per session. The cost is £120. Numbers are limited to eight in order for everyone to have an hour's one to one time with Kim as well as the group work.


Kim founded Serenity Retreat back in 2010. She is a trained Zenways Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with over twelve years experience and has also trained in Self Compassion with Kristen Neff and Chris Germer. Most recently, Kim became a Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator in January 2022.

Her passion is to discover what really lies beneath, both for herself and others, and to encourage open-heartedness and fearlessness to the adventure of life. She's straightforward, no nonsense, and has an earthy sense of humour.

'Kim is an exceptional teacher; courageous , authentic, wise and compassionate She brings real humility and appropriate humour to her sessions and has an impressive ability to relate to everyone within diverse groups; there’s no sense of needing to be “one of us”. I have experienced Kim’s meditations, group discussion and exploration sessions and also one-to-one work and I am stuck by her ability to express and share the depth of her knowledge and insight in such an enjoyable, informative and impactful way. Oh and she’s a really lovely soul as well!' - Sarah

'My perception of you as a mentor/teacher/deliverer of content is that you are extremely intuitive and I notice you often see beyond just the words that someone may be saying, and are really good at peeling back the layers (gently and comfortably). In addition it is the raw honesty that ultimately enables a trusting relationship.' - Pankti

Courses In Greece in 2022

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Deep Listening, with Kim

Learning to recognise our own wisdom through deep listening, and feeling into the wisdom of others
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The Kiloby Inquiries, with Kim

Meeting unmet sadness, anger, grief and trauma and liberating ourselves from painful patterns
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Pointing The Way, with Kim

Discussion of various modern spiritual texts and feeling into where they're taking us.
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Deep Mini Meditation Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of silent meditation with time for questions and discussions

Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of group sitting over five days.
Further details to follow.

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