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The Most Gentle Art of Self Compassion

Using a combination of mindfulness and self compassion techniques and based on the work of Jon Kabatt-Zin, Zen Master Daizan Roshi, Kristen Neff and Chris Germer.

We will explore:

How long is it and how much does it cost?

The course will take place over 4 mornings, roughly 3 hours per morning.


Hello, I'm Kim and I started Serenity Retreat back in 2010. I am a big fan of meditation and mindfulness practices because of my own experience in how useful they've been in smoothing my relationship to life's lumps and bumps I'm not saying that everything becomes sweetness and light once we start with these practices, but for sure I don't take things anywhere near as personally as I used to and, in general, life feels as though it's flowing more easily - hurray! I've also become much better at trusting my internal satnav.

I have really come to love Zen for its straightforward, clear seeing approach. It asks us to get right to the heart of the matter - what's our DIRECT experience of life? I try my best to pass this on in my own words until it's time for the words to stop and simply sit. As much as I love Zen, I have also come to see that there are some other beautiful practices out there in the world and that there is space for all of it. So I've cherry picked over the years. Our own experience, after all, is our greatest teacher.

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