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Finding the Strength in Surrender...

...And Relinquishing the Struggle

Course Outline:

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How much does it cost and how long is it?

The course will take place over four mornings and run for about two hours a day. The cost is £120


Your course host is Donna Booth, award-winning well-being coach, yoga & mindfulness teacher and retreat host. Donna is also author of The Practical Goddess book (out early 2022) and host of Vitality’s Inner Sanctum, an online retreat centre and community of shiny souls. Donna is a big fan of wild gardens, stormy seas and belly laughs. Her website is

Courses In Greece in 2023

Mini Meditation Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of meditation with time for questions and discussion
Course Details
Finding the Strength in Surrender, with Donna

... and relinquishing the struggle
Course Details

Qigoing - Learn Shibashi Set One, with Kim

Dropping into the body, meditation in movement with this series of moves
Course Details

Deep Listening and Enquiry, with Kim

Learning to recognise our own wisdom through deep listening, and feeling into the wisdom of others
Course Details

Pointing The Way, with Kim

Discussion of various modern spiritual texts and feeling into where they're taking us.
Course Details

Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of group sitting over five days.
Course Details

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