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Courses in Greece

We aim to give you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself with our courses. When we change, our worlds change!

We run 'An Introduction to Meditation' every week so that those without any meditation experience can understand the nuts and bolts - it's about half an hour. You don't need to convert to Buddhism and you don't need to take on any beliefs, it's a basic overview of meditation and mindfulness.

Our courses range (for 2022) from between £35 to £120 and generally take place over 3 or 4 mornings a week and are between 4 and 9 hours long in total (not per day!).

The thing is that NONE of the courses are too all consuming so it won't feel like bootcamp and you get plenty of time to get on with the important business of relaxing and integrating anything that feels resonant to you.

The courses are all about unblocking, freeing and liberating. Our heart is, and always will be, in discovering the here and now - NOW, which is why the 5 guided meditations and post meditation chats and teachings will always be included in the price of your holiday along with the walking meditations and mindfulness movement.

Please note: It is IMPOSSIBLE to do all the trips AND do a course and have a million massages... so why not come for two weeks?!

Courses in Greece for 2021 and 2022

Date Course Price Places
May 1st Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat Donations 9
May 8th Deep Listening £120 10
May 15th The Kiloby Inquiries £120 4
May 22nd Finding Our Soul's Purpose £120 9
May 29th Pointing The Way £50 8
June 5th Living Softly £120 6
June 12th The Kiloby Inquiries £120 1
June 19th Qigong - Shibashi Set One £50 5
Sept 11th Qigong - Shibashi Set One £50 10
Sept 18th Embracing the Dirty Goddess! £120 10
Sept 25th The Kiloby Inquiries £120 3
October 2nd Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat Donations 8
October 9th Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat Donations 9
October 16th Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat Donations 9

The exact timings and content of each course will depend largely on the group and your individual needs. We assess each group on its own merits so it’s pretty tricky to be specific here. We know you’re on holiday, though, so there will be plenty of time for sight seeing or lying in the sun or reading trashy novels (or Tolstoy - whatever floats your boat). We give a general overview of the kind of topics that we hope to cover when you click through to the links.

Meditation Space

And just to repeat: please remember that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do all the trips, book massages and do a course. There just aren't enough hours in the day. If you like the look of everything, come for 2 weeks!

Courses In Greece in 2021

Mini Meditation Retreat - donations
Let's just sit! Three periods of meditation practice
Course Details

The Very Gentle Art of Self-Compassion - donations
Combining mindfulness and self-compassion to become our own best friend
Course Details

Who Am I? - Zen Practices for Insight - donations
Energetic and meditative practices to ground us when becoming still
Course Details

Courses In Greece in 2022

Finding Our Soul's Purpose, with Tara

A magical journey of self-discovery to the truth at the very heart of your being - your soul's purpose
Further details to follow.

Living Softly, with Jane

Does life always feel hard? Techniques to bring more softness and kindness to our experience
Course Details

Getting Down and Dirty with Our Inner Goddess! with Donna

Inner Goddess work that has its feet firmly on the ground
Further details to follow.

Deep Listening, with Kim

Learning to recognise our own wisdom through deep listening, and feeling into the wisdom of others
Further details to follow

The Kiloby Inquiries, with Kim

Meeting unmet sadness, anger, grief and trauma and liberating ourselves from painful patterns
Course Details

Pointing The Way, with Kim

Discussion of various modern spiritual texts and feeling into where they're taking us.
Course Details

Qigong - Shibashi Set One, with Kim

An 18 move Qigong sequence which can lower stress and anxiety, increase focus, and improve balance and flexibility.
Course Details

Stop and Rest - Personal Retreat, with Kim

Two periods of group sitting over five days.
Further details to follow.
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