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Kim Bennett

Hello, I'm Kim and I started Serenity Retreat back in 2010. I am a big fan of meditation and mindfulness practices because of my own experience in how useful they've been in smoothing my relationship to life's lumps and bumps. I've become much better at using and trusting my internal satnav but also in the Art of Letting Go (always a work in progress, mind).

I have really come to love Zen for its straightforward, clear seeing approach. It asks us to get right to the heart of the matter - what's our DIRECT experience of life? I try my best to pass this on in my own words until it's time for the words to stop and we investigate for ourselves. As much as I love Zen, I have also come to see that there are some other beautiful practices out there in the world and that there is space for all of it. So I've cherry picked over the years. You, without question, are your own highest authority. You have the answers you're looking for. It's a question of getting used to being quiet and listening. I hope to show you how that can be possible.

Feedback from Kim's courses:

Kim is a wonderful, warm, likable teacher and guide, explaining things in an accessible down-to-earth way, sharing generously from her own life experience.

Kim brings a full-colour description of her life wisdom. I found I could grab hold of what we were exploring rather than it slipping through my fingers or over my head, that's down to Kim.

Kim's approach set the bar for the environment of the guests by her honesty and non judgemental style.

Jane Matthews

Jane is an accredited teacher of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life programmes, a life coach and author of self-help books. As well as the popular You Can Heal Your Life courses she runs workshops in self esteem, meditation and prosperity.

She's also a truly lovely human being. We love having her here at Serenity Retreat. She's been a long time friend of ours and we really value her integrity and her innate kindness. Being in her company is a salve for the soul all on its own.

Jane’s latest book Living Softly is in the pipeline. Her other highly recommended book - Have the Best Year of Your Life - was published in September 2010. Her website is

Feedback from Jane's courses:

The perfect mix of personal and spiritual development.

The course was brilliant and professionally run.

The course was very well constructed, prepared and Jane is the perfect teacher, allowing everyone a voice but gently challenging us all.

Jane offered herself from the heart and from a place of relationship with self and others. The presence of her compassion was tangible.



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