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Kim here. We are opening for our September part of the season! HURRAYYYY!!! Check here for availability. I'm still offering 20 min daily live meditations at 7.45am UK time - or you can catch up with them later. Times change through the year but you can find lastest info and access to meditations via this Facebook Group.

We are a small independent holiday company for solo travellers. We've been positively featured in places such as: The Guardian, The Times, Psychologies Magazine and National Geographic Traveller to name a few and we're very proud of that. We've been around for a while, since 2010 in fact, and we love the fact that for the last few years around 60% of our guests have rebooked from previous years.
We offer a very happy welcome to anyone who's interested in self-reflection and meditation, along with sole occupancy of seaside studios and apartments. The sea is of the crystal clear Greek blue and invitingly beautiful variety. We're based in Lefkada, Greece. We hope you'll enjoy our 'Right on the Beach' retreat style holidays on this lush and green Ionian island. You'll have the option of joining us for a course too, if you'd like.
We're not corporate. We're pretty standard human beings who love what we do.

At Serenity Retreat you get to do as much or as little as you like. We really, really mean that - we welcome extroverts, we 'get' introverts and there's always a home for the 'something in the middle overts'. Your holiday - you choose how you want to spend your time.

Fundamentally, serenity is an inside job - we intend to show you that when you come and visit.

Beach Front View

This photo is the view from upstairs at Tassoula. All the studios and apartments have this sort of sea view. This isn't holiday company flannel. Really. Everyone gets this sort of view.

The 'Retreat' concept is less about sack cloth and ashes and more about retreating to a slower pace of life. It's there for the choosing on the island. Serenity Retreat aims to provide its guests with an opportunity to come to rest and relax. Learning to be still even though the mind feels very busy is a real gift. Our mindfulness movement, meditation and our courses aim to help you learn not to take that busy mind so seriously and to develop a healthier relationship to it. Being able to find stillness as the mind is going ten to the dozen is a skill that can be learned and it can serve you well in the 'real' world.

Our main programme runs throughout May, June and September on the Greek island of Lefkada.

At New Year we run a partly silent retreat. A great way to start off the year. Ideal for a pit stop from the hurly burly of external forces, (especially after Christmas) and a great chance to meet your own internal ones :). Use the message box at the top of the page if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.

Projects in the pipeline.
There is always something bubbling away, some things will come to fruition, some things will remain as ideas. At the moment we're working on a website that will be dedicated to all things meditation, self compassion and seeing into our True Nature: talks, podcasts, meditations and interviews. We'll keep you posted on here. If you'd like to get the early heads up though, feel free to subscribe to our (dreadfully infrequent) newsletter.


If you're reading this on a mobile, scroll down to see our media reviews or check out the independent review collector. If you're on a laptop, you'll find the same info to the right of this text.

Serenity Retreat chooses to share its success. We donate a minimum of 5% of our profit to a number of charities.

Carbon Footprint Logo

For 2019, Serenity Retreat has offset all the carbon from flights taken by guests

Our average review score is 5 and we're happy!

We've been reviewed in the Guardian AGAIN!

January 2019: 10 of the Best Meditation Retreats in the UK and Europe

January 2014: 10 Wellbeing Retreats for 2014

National Geographic Traveller. We're featured in the Top 5: Meditation retreats in Europe.

We're very proud to be in Psychologies Magazine - July 2018. You can see the article here.

"Take a breath and refocus yourself on these wonderfully afordable beach-front meditation-based holidays for solo travellers on the laid-back island of Lefkada. Led by Zen Buddhist teacher Kim Bennett, they offer meditation sessions with the option to join other wellbeing sessions and enjoy treatments and trips. Rejuvenate with sea and mountain views, just a 30-minute drive from the airport"

We had our first mention in the Sunday Telegraph Travel Section in April:

"For a beach holiday that is also a retreat, head for the island of Lefkada in Greece where Serenity Retreat offers just that: guided walks, qigong and meditation. It's geared towards solo travellers and you can do as little or as much as you want- and I'd say the place is tranquil rather than silent. Should you want to try complete silence, the company offer weekend silent retreats in Yorkshire as well".

Our latest review in the Daily Mail, January 2018
Confessions of a Retreat Junkie

As well as The Times as a 'Top 50 Spa Holiday':

"It’s great for solo travellers interested in spirituality and personal growth or just pure relaxation, and tends to attract people who have started to question their lives and who want to live more meaningfully".

Queen of Retreats reviewed us too! Check out our page on their site.

Metro had this to say:

Set up by Zen meditation teacher Kim Bennett, Serenity Retreats are aimed at solo travellers looking for self development. The week long retreat has an easy-breezy approach and while there are mindfulness walks, guided meditations and excursions on offer, nothing is compulsory. "Our emphasis is on giving our guests space", Bennett says. "Our accommodation is on the beach and we encourage guests do nothing other than watch the sea and the mountain for a restorative effect".

Serenity Retreat

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