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Morocco - Deep Listening

November 10th - 17th, solo occupancy, ensuite rooms, all inclusive - £850/£880 - FULLY BOOKED

November 17th - 25th, solo occupancy, ensuite rooms, all inclusive - £850/£880

This Autumn will find us in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco - a beautifully calm and peaceful oasis in North Africa. We'll be enjoying the hospitality of the Amazighe (Berbers). We're offering a week of Deep Listening, an opportunity to: loosen our grip on our need to know, to have certainty, to be in control, to always get it right, to be good, and instead to listen - moment by moment - to what already exists and is available in every moment - freedom.

**Please note that, as it stands, you will need to be fully vaccinated to enter Morocco and to take a PCR test 48 hours before departure. This may well change by November, but these are the current rules**

What is Deep Listening?
Deep Listening is the practice of checking in with our own experience in this very moment. Very simple, but often overlooked when the mind finds itself called into action to judge, compare, comment on and control the experience that's arising.

When we learn to deeply listen we also give ourselves the opportunity to learn how to regulate ourselves if our nervous systems become hijacked (those panicky sensations when feeling under threat for example), we remember how to listen to what our hearts are telling us, we reconnect to our inner sat nav and we gently guide ourselves to face those parts of ourselves that we've kept hidden and secret (and honouring the body if it chooses not to go there!). This last part is so important - our lives can become very frustrating and small when we try to keep everything stuffed down. Let's give ourselves an airing and free up the energy!

We'll do this through a series of discussions, meditations, LOTS of rest, some enquiry, having a couple of days (and some periods) of silence and and by bringing a curious and open mind to the week.

There will be plenty of time for lounging around, reading books, enjoying the weather (whatever it brings!) and walking. We've included a couple of trips in the week too. And this wouldn't be Serenity Retreat if we didn't tell you that nothing is compulsory. Take part in as much or as little as you like (although we will ask you to maintain silence for two full days).

What's included:
What's not included:

Getting There

Direct flights are from Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester with Easyjet, British Airways and WizzAir.
The transfer takes about an hour and ten minutes from the airport. We'll meet all flights, but some may be grouped together. The maximum waiting time will be an hour.


Bread is a huge part of the Moroccan food-scape. It's baked freshly every day outdoor in little mini ovens on the premises. Think more pitta style bread than loaf type bread. There are no gluten-free alternatives available.
Breakfast: eggs, yoghurt, lots of bread (!), butter, jam, a special local peanut butter (with honey) and Moroccan mint tea
Lunch: normally a delicious fresh salad and bread
Dinner: there are meat, vegetarian and vegan options. There may be grilled meat, meat or vegetable tagine, meat or vegetable pasta dishes, meat or vegetable couscous and a dessert.
Some meals may be repeated.
I'm afraid that owing to the way that the kitchen runs we are unable to cater for any diets other than vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.
Gluten-free and vegan may result in quite a lot of meal replication.

To get a better idea of where we're staying and the accommodation, check out the gallery here.

Things To Bear In Mind

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